Invisible sc2tog

Anytime that you need to shape your crochet project, you will need to use increases or decreases to increase or decrease the number of stitches.  And increase doesn't add extra bulk to your fabric but a traditional decrease adds bulk that is very noticeable to the trained eye. Take a look at the two graphics below. … Continue reading Invisible sc2tog

Crochet Therapy: Book Review

Crochet Therapy: The Soothing Art of Savoring Each Stitch by Betsan Corkhill 20+ projects for finding your Zen // This site uses affiliate links. Most of us have personally experienced the calming and stress-relieving effects of crochet and that is why we love the craft. So, when I saw “Crochet Therapy: The Soothing Art of … Continue reading Crochet Therapy: Book Review